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At Poms Connects, we bring you high quality production value with expert instructional design to bring you an exceptional online learning experience.

Poms Connects webinars cover timely topics and give you practical knowledge that you can immediately turn around and use at the office. We use the Adobe Connect platform to deliver dynamic, content-rich sessions that are engaging and facilitate the learning process by encouraging our participants to interact with the presenters.

  • Webinars Customized for Your Organization – No two workplace experiences are identical, so, as with all of our consulting services, Poms Connects can create customized webinars for your organization. We take into consideration the unique set of challenges that you face every day, and create a learning experience that speaks directly to your organization’s needs. Inquire Today and start exploring the possibilities!
  • Upcoming Webinars – Interested in signing up for a webinar? View all of the upcoming webinars in the Poms Connects events section and find a program you are interested in!
  • Webinar Archive – Was there a webinar that you wanted to attend but couldn’t? Never fear! All of the programs that we host are archived for on demand viewing.