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Live conferences and workshops provide professionals with a unique learning environment that enable you to network, collaborate, and directly engage with your peers. At Poms Connects, we collaborate with our resource partners to provide you with learning events that tackle the latest issues that you face in the business world and give you the tools you need create innovative solutions that you can immediately implement in the office.

We know from first-hand experience how frustrating it can be to spend an entire day attending workshops only to leave feeling like the only thing you actually learned is that you need to call your lawyer. Too often, conferences are really only designed to give you enough information to scare you so that you end up feeling like you need to buy more products in order to get any answers.

Poms Connects guarantees that our conferences will give you the kind of education on a subject that you would expect from a professional event, leaving you feeling not only informed as to the potential pitfalls in a particular hot button issue, but ready to handle it the next day at the office. Find an upcoming conference or workshop near you, and register today!