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We understand that in today’s business environment, it is important to have access to training in a variety of modalities to accommodate the needs of your company. Here, you can learn about all the different ways we can help deliver the high quality training you need, when you need it; and we can even tailor it to your specific business.

Custom Services

Do you need one of our training and consulting services tailored to fit your specific needs? At Poms Connects, we can create custom versions of our programs for your company, taking into consideration your particular circumstances and unique set of needs. Inquire today to explore the possibilities for your organization!

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Custom Training Programs

When it comes to providing training to your employees on sexual harassment, safety, customer service, conflict management, supervisory skills, communication, and other important topics, why reach for a generic product that doesn’t really speak to the working experience of your employees?

At Poms Connects, we offer you the ability to consult with our highly experienced team of trainers and consultants to develop customized training programs that address the needs of your business so that you can provide your employees with a solid foundation to succeed in their jobs. After all, different types of organizations often have a very different culture that can significantly change the way you need to address the various employment concerns of the modern workplace.

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Consulting Services

The experts at Poms & Associates don’t have preconceived ideas or boilerplate products to promote. Instead, we listen to your needs, examine your specific situation and offer workable solutions. We let in the fresh air, apply our unequaled creativity and experience, and produce appealing, cost-conscious solutions.

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At Poms Connects, we strive to bring high quality production value with expert instructional design to bring you an exceptional online learning experience. Poms Connects webinars cover timely topics and aim to give you practical knowledge that you can immediately turn around and use at the office. As with all of our training and consulting services, we can customize our webinars to cover the unique challenges your organization faces.

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e-Learning On Demand

Bringing all of your employees to the same place at the same time to conduct required training can be a scheduling nightmare, not to mention a costly endeavor. Poms Connects is working to solve that problem by brining you online, on demand, e-Learning programs. Our interactive programs are put together by expert instructional designers, bringing the experience of the classroom directly to your computer.

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Seminars & Workshops

Have you ever attended a seminar hoping to leave with the answers to the burning questions that have been nagging at you, and end up feeling even more bewildered than before? Too often you are given just enough information to scare you, and not enough to actually help you at the office. At Poms Connects, we partner with other top organizations and educational institutions to bring you events that will arm you with the resources you need to tackle the tough issues you face every day, with the confidence that only knowledge can bring.

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