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The Most Common OSHA Safety Violations for 2018

OSHA recently released its list of the Top 10 safety violations for the 2018 fiscal year and, for the fourth year in a row, the top five violations have remained the same.

The Top 10 safety violations list is a good starting point for any employer seeking to reduce hazards in the workplace. OSHA’s Deputy Director of the Directorate of Enforcement Programs Patrick Kapust has recommended that employers use the Top 10 list to strengthen their company’s safety programs.

  1. Fall Protection –General Requirements: 7,270 violations
  2. Hazard Communication: 4,552 violations
  3. Scaffolding: 3,336 violations
  4. Respiratory Protection: 3,118 violations
  5. Lockout/Tagout: 2,944 violations
  6. Ladders: 2,812 violations
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks: 2,294 violations
  8. Fall Protection – Training Requirements: 1,982 violations
  9. Machine Guarding: 1,972 violations
  10. Eye and Face Protection: 1,536 violations

Employers should be familiar with the OSHA standards and consider whether it is applicable to their business. They should also know if their business-related practices pose safety threats that could violate particular standards.

Penalties for OSHA violations can be significant (adding to the distress caused by injury), so understanding risks plus OSHA standards, and then implementing programs to reduce accidents is critical for both employers and their employees.

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