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New Mexico Higher Education Legislative Update

  • By Rachel Overmier
  •  |
  • May 17, 2019
  •  |
  • Topics: New Mexico

House Bill 128 Senior Citizen Reduced Tuition Eligibility

Amends the Senior Citizen Reduced Tuition Act to raise the number of credit hours for which a person may enroll from six to ten per semester, at the reduced rate of $5 per credit hour.

House Bill 205 Public Restroom Baby Changing Facilities

The Construction Industries Division (Regulation and Licensing Department) is charged with developing and adopting rules, by January 1, 2020, to require that baby changing facilities be equally available in restrooms for men and women in places of public accommodation. Authorizes a fine up to $250.

House Bill 237 Extend University Police Officers Authority Boundaries

Extends the authority of university police officers on campuses at institutions of higher learning to include public streets and highways that are immediately adjacent to a campus where students are educated.

House Bill 275 College of Education Affordability Act

Amends the Teacher Loan for Service Act to target high-needs teacher positions, such as bilingual, early childhood and special education or positions for Native American teachers, and positions in high-poverty areas or low-performing schools, rather than high-risk placements based solely on low student achievement. Discontinues the Teacher Loan for Service program. Creates the College of Education Affordability Act and Fund, for education students in public and tribal colleges who do not qualify for other state aid.

House Bill 388 Gender-Free Restrooms Act

Requires single-user toilet facilities in public accommodations to be made available to any person regardless of gender identify or sex, designated for use by no more than one occupant at a time or for family or assisted use, and identified with gender-neutral signage.

House Bill 420 School Advanced Placement Policy & Reporting

Requires public post-secondary institutions to accept a score of three or higher on Advanced Placement exams; requires the Higher Education Department to report institutional AP policies to the Legislature and the Governor.

House Bill 664 Academic Credits for Career & Technical Education Courses

Amends requirements for graduation with the New Mexico diploma of excellence to allow certain career and technical education courses to qualify as required units.

Senate Bill 179 Lottery Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Amends the Lottery Tuition Scholarship Act to clarify that a student who had to leave the state to receive an education pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is qualified to receive a Lottery Tuition Scholarship under certain circumstances.

Senate Bill 251 Tuition & Fee Waivers for Foster Children

Provides greater access to colleges, universities and technical and vocational institutes for foster children by simplifying the qualifying requirements to obtain waivers for tuition and fees at the state’s educational institutions.

Senate Bill 322 College District Lease-Purchases

Amends the College District Tax Act to create a process for community colleges to enter into lease-purchase arrangements primarily for educational technology equipment, broadly defined, to be paid from property tax revenue bonds.

Senate Bill 349 Licensure for Visiting Sports Physicians

Permits an individual licensed to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine in another state to provide care to team members and staff traveling with an out-of-state sports team for a specific sporting event in New Mexico; permits temporary licensure exemption.

Senate Bill 407 Lottery Tuition Fund for Tribal Colleges

Amends the Legislative Lottery Tuition Scholarship Act to include students attending accredited tribal colleges among those eligible for Lottery scholarships on the same basis as students at state higher educational institutions.

Senate Bill 447 Engineering & Surveying Scholarship Program

Creates the Engineering and Surveying Scholarship Program and a scholarship fund, clarifies reciprocity licensing requirements for engineers; permits alternative authentications to physical or electronic seals; amends surveyor intern certification requirements; provides for appropriation requests for a non-reverting scholarship program fund.