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Risk Control Services

Insuring against loss is smart. Preventing losses from ever happening is unquestionably smarter. Poms & Associates is well-equipped to help you work toward that goal. Our experienced Risk Control Specialists are noted for their dynamic knowledge of regulations, employment issues, current litigation and liability trends as well as the behavioral aspects of loss control and accident prevention.

More importantly, the Poms & Associates risk control team has a unique ability to use inventive, participatory consultation techniques to help our clients protect their organizations from expected and unexpected sources of loss.

Poms & Associates offers several important Risk Control Service categories.

Identifying facility and procedural loss exposures is the first step toward mitigation. With a focus on Environmental Health & Safety issues, our consultants observe clients’ premises and processes to determine whether they’re fully compliant with regulatory mandates and “best practices” methods. We assist in setting priorities to optimize your short and long range strategies. And while we’re taking a close look, we’re also noting the things you’re doing well.

Unique operations require unique programs. We take the time to understand your necessary activities and ultimate objectives. Whether you are interested in a comprehensive safety policy or specific areas such as disaster preparedness, chemical inventory or fleet safety, we will ensure that you have a program that fits. More importantly, it will be communicated in a way that promotes employee understanding and that can be readily adopted by your management team.

Another indispensible tool in an effective risk control program is the training provided to your managers and employees. We offer customized, memorable and effective training programs covering specific industries and issues. Our concise and enjoyable format encourages the retention and use of the information conveyed.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we can design an instructional event tailored to fit the culture of your organization.

Poms & Associates’ flexible and highly informative training sessions are conducted by skilled presenters who include interactive and multimedia components. Through these very popular learning opportunities, your employees learn to effectively reduce the likelihood and occurrence of accidents and losses. They even have fun doing it.

The result? Your workplace is a safer, more risk-savvy place.