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About Poms & Associates

Walk the halls of Poms & Associates and you’re likely to bump into some of the most experienced and effective people in the insurance brokerage and risk services industry. Our staff provides clients with combined experience in insurance and risk management that is unrivaled by other brokers. Poms Connects you with solutions...

Our collective knowledge and experience serving the needs of public, private and institutional entities makes us more than mere advisors. We become trusted partners in understanding your specific and unique needs and risks. Poms is a proven resource in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to those needs.

Custom solutions may involve: risk management services; selecting and implementing new employee benefits plans; acting as a client’s advocate in property claim situations, crisis planning, products liability, aviation or marine operations; or even retention and alternative finance programs.

Poms & Associates is committed to the belief that knowledge is the best insurance. By acting not only as your insurance broker, but also as an educator, we help you achieve a more effective and efficient level of self-administration so that you can focus on other important objectives.

We base our relationships with you on a complete understanding of your needs. At the same time, we provide you with transparency into our own practices, including full disclosure of fees, commissions, or any other form of compensation. As a truly objective broker we bring to the table no allegiance for specific programs, products or services. Our goal is the same whether we are your sole resource or a complement for your existing program: to give you the knowledge of an industry leader as well as an inventory of products and services that limit your exposures and increase your opportunities.

Recognizing a growing need within the industry for problem solvers willing and able to think outside the box, David Poms formed Poms & Associates in 1991. Since then, the company has carefully and deliberately grown to include more than 100 employees, with branch offices strategically located to best serve our client base. Our company-wide emphasis on educating, rather than dictating to the insurance buyer has remained constant.

With a determined focus on controlled growth, we are able to maintain the highest degree of customer service, which in turn fosters long and productive client relationships. We keep a critical eye on staffing to ensure that our clients’ expectations are exceeded on every level, at every turn.

We are here to represent your best interests. That’s the Poms & Associates difference.

Poms Connects: A Knowledge Sharing Community is a resource and learning community with a rich catalogue of information on subjects ranging from management and business strategy, organizational effectiveness, human resource management, employee benefits, risk management and loss control, safety compliance, and more. We offer services ranging from a library of reference materials, blogs keeping you up to date on legal and other developments, video tips, and live webinars.